Amba Handicraft is celebrated for its rooted handicraft products. We try to bridge a gap between heritage and a humanitarian appreciation. Our main motto is to honour India’s classic rich tradition of art, crafts and craftsmanship to also ensure that their relevance is still cherished in today’s time.

Amba Handicraft came into existence after a successful launch of its retail outlets in Gujarat with a leading name in the field of handicrafts, since 16 flourishing years. The curiosity to serve and to reach people worldwide with the same dedication engrossed in us, and here we are with another company - Amba Handicraft launched in 2019, ready to conquer the hearts of craft lovers across the globe.

We often neglect the fact that there is so much more to handicrafts rather than just a final product in a showroom or a display on a website. Amba Handicraft is always excited to tell all ancient stories and origins of the handcrafted products. Our roots, traditions and rituals combining with our modern approach is the idea of Amba Handicraft. Our website is a journey of mesmerizing creations which will leave you astonished and amazed.

Amba Handicraft has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of finest products that fit any budget. We have a fully dedicated team of designers, village artisans, creative brain stormers and people who feel very passionate about art, who are working with utmost inspiration to bring you the best of the trending and classic home décor artifacts.