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14.5" Standing Hanuman statue

14.5" Standing Hanuman statue

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Lord Hanuman symbolically stands for pure devotion complete surrender and absence of ego or the lower self. His characters tells us what we can do in our lives by becoming pure devotees of God, aligning ourselves with the forces of good, helping the weak with self-control, unconditional faith and total surrender. The Gada is the main weapon of Lord Hanuman known for its strength, Lord Hanuman is traditionally worshipped to gain victory over one’s fear, stability and power. Lord Kuber gifted hi that mace (gada), However it is not a physical weapon but is symbolic of the embodiment of moral and spiritual values. He has 108 names in Sanskrit. Shri Hanuman represents the breath. When ego and the senses carry away the mind and body and put them to wrong use with the help of breath the embodied soul restrains the senses, silences the ego, regains the control of the mind and body- stabilizes them in the contemplation of god. When you worship Lord Hanuman you worship the holy trinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. And this makes Hanuman Pooja the most important in Hindu rituals. Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of servitude. He keeps the atrocious effects away from his devotees. Worshipping him gives you innumerable boons and blessings.


Lord Hanuman was greatly devoted to Lord Rama. A particular incident was when Lord Hanuman asked why Goddess Sita put “Sindoor” on her forehead. To this she replied that since she is the wife and companion of Lord Rama, the sindoor was a sign of her unconditional love and respect. Lord Hanuman then covered his entire body with sindoor to prove his love for Lord Rama.

Amba Handicraft word

Authentic brass products crafted by the finest artisans of India, using century old skills of idol making for temple and religious ceremonies also for home décor. We ensure our customers get the fair price, right on time and the products as it appears on our website. We wish you appreciate our products in generations to come.


Use only mild detergent and water to clean brass products and to dry them after the same as anything more abrasive could harm the durability and the finish of the product.


Brass: Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. Looks like gold with antique finish, has great resistance to corrosion.

Why Brass?

Brass has natural vibration which aligns well with the universe. It has a conscious energy which helps attract positive and healing vibes. Even during any yagnas-pooja or religious ceremonies the Pandit (hindu priest) makes sure to atleast have the brass metal be present in any form. Thus investing in brass is like investing in auspicious energy for home, office or gifting.

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