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18" Radha Krishna On Swing

18" Radha Krishna On Swing

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Krishna is always depicted as the Blue God. It means that the body is so transparent almost as if it was not there. Whatever is infinity is represented by blue. The sky is blue and so is the ocean. Krishna always stand with one foot firmly on the ground the other foot crossed over as though it is touching but not really touching. It is elsewhere. This is called ‘tribhangy’ pose, implying perfect balance. He holds the flute in his hands with a smile on his face. The holed flute represents our bodies into which means he is giving us life the “prana shakti”. According to Lord Krishna human has four aims called purusharthas to achieve “Dharma’ related to one’s duty. Ultimately this is about leading a righteous life. “Kama” related to pleasure of life. Achieve them- live them. “Artha” means prosperity. “Moksha” when a human achieves moksha, they break free from the cycle of samsara. Lord Krishna taught us how to live our lives graciously, in true form. He taught us to love without expectation. He also provides highest of teachings that provide an ideal model for the world. The Bhagavad Gita says that we need to establish individual peace and collective peace first and foremost.


One day Lord Krishna woke up first from the rest of the forest. He blew the nectar of his lips into the flute. This wonderful vibration enchanted the peacocks in and around the Govardhan hills. Their hearts began to sing in happiness. They cried with joy. Seeing this the king of peacocks made his way to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. It was so overwhelming that some peacocks fainted. Lord Krishna danced with them. After many days when he stopped dancing there was an enchanting silence. The king offered his plumage to Lord Krishna as “Gurudakshina”. Lord Krishna lovingly accepted the offering and wears that feather on his crown thereafter.

Amba Handicraft word

Authentic brass products crafted by the finest artisans of India, using century old skills of idol making for temple and religious ceremonies also for home décor. We ensure our customers get the fair price, right on time and the products as it appears on our website. We wish you appreciate our products in generations to come.


Use only mild detergent and water to clean brass products and to dry them after the same as anything more abrasive could harm the durability and the finish of the product.


Brass: Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. Looks like gold with antique finish, has great resistance to corrosion.

Why Brass?

Brass has natural vibration which aligns well with the universe. It has a conscious energy which helps attract positive and healing vibes. Even during any yagnas-pooja or religious ceremonies the Pandit (hindu priest) makes sure to atleast have the brass metal be present in any form. Thus investing in brass is like investing in auspicious energy for home, office or gifting.

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