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19" Nataraja statue

19" Nataraja statue

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“SHIVA” means the auspicious one. It is humanly impossible to explain Shiva. Just as it is impossible to explain universe. From simple human intellect, Shiva is the one from whom the Brahman emerges, in whom it stays and within whom it goes back. Lord Mahadev is the ultimate reality. He is the supreme God given a form to be adored by the devotees. Shiva is a yogi, a cosmic dancer, a family man, an ascetic. He cannot be symbolized in one form. For this reason the images of Shiva vary significantly in their symbolism. But most of the times you’ll see Shivji with these attributes around him, matted locks which represents him as a yogi, River Ganga flowing from his head in the form of purity and knowledge, a crescent moon which represents Shiva as eternal- the beginning and the ends, snake around his neck depicts yogic power as a snack venom too in his neck, he also wears rudraksha mala- which has 108 beads symbolizes the elements used in the creation of world, him with the trishul defines shakti, ichha, kriya and jnana. The damru makes a sound known as Nada- cosmic sound of Aum. Tiger skin defines the victory of divine force. So many more elements are related with Shiva with deep meanings to it. All glories to Lord Shiva is easily pleased and is known to grant boons. He is also called Bholenath the innocent one, because he is pure in heart and easy to please and you can be sure of his love upon you.


Surabhi the original mother of all cows began to give birth to a lot of cows and the milk of these cows flooded Shiva’s meditation area. Angry at this disturbance, he struck the cows with fire from his third eye. Seeing this disaster, the Gods tried to calm Mahadev by offering him a magnificent bull- Nandi, son of Surabhi and Kasyapa which he made his ride.

Amba Handicraft word

Authentic brass products crafted by the finest artisans of India, using century old skills of idol making for temple and religious ceremonies also for home décor. We ensure our customers get the fair price, right on time and the products as it appears on our website. We wish you appreciate our products in generations to come.


Use only mild detergent and water to clean brass products and to dry them after the same as anything more abrasive could harm the durability and the finish of the product.


Brass: Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. Looks like gold with antique finish, has great resistance to corrosion.

Why Brass?

Brass has natural vibration which aligns well with the universe. It has a conscious energy which helps attract positive and healing vibes. Even during any yagnas-pooja or religious ceremonies the Pandit (hindu priest) makes sure to atleast have the brass metal be present in any form. Thus investing in brass is like investing in auspicious energy for home, office or gifting.

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